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Linux kernel: required
Initramfs / Initrd: optional
Extra initramfs: optional
Boot message: optional
Default cmdline: edit optional
Root device:   Flags:   VESA:
Floppy size:   RAM used  

Note 1: the web server can't upload more than 16 MB of files (kernel and initramfs) in memory.

Note 2: the extra initramfs may be useful to add your own configuration files.

Note 3: the keyboard is read for ESC or ENTER on every form feed (ASCII 12) in the boot message.

How does it work?

This tool updates the boot sector of your kernel with this code. You may add a default cmdline and an initramfs. The cmdline can be edited at boot time but the keyboard is not mandatory. A standalone version is available to break the web server upload limit.

Each part (boot, setup, boot message, cmdline, kernel, initramfs) is aligned to 512 bytes. The result is split to fit the floppy size. The last floppy image is padded with zeros.

You can extract the kernel, cmdline and rootfs files with this tool from the floppy images.